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Information for new and previous Trade Stand Exhibitors

Previous Trade Stand Exhibitors

Please complete the online application form below.   If you wish to change or move your stand please also send me an email with your requirements.  When you return your application I will be in touch with you to confirm your space and issue an invoice in due course. 

Closing date for previous exhibitors trade stand applications is Friday 29 November 2020.  After this date stands will be offered to those on the wait list.


New Trade Stand Exhibitors

Complete the online application form below.   I will be in touch with you anytime from January onwards.  Once we have confirmed a stand with you an invoice will be issued which is payable within 3 weeks.   There is no closing date for applications.

All stands must have public liability insurance of at least £5m and must complete a risk assessment form.  All outdoor stands must also complete a fire risk assessment.

For all enquiries contact Jenny McNeill 

Email  |  Tel 028 90 686 183



  • Eikon Shopping Village

    The Eikon Shopping Village is a busy hall with good footfall with over 175 exhibitors.  It is our general public shopping area at the Show.

    Suitable for travel, tourism, food, crafts, toys, clothing, charities, novelties, jewellery, health & well being products and services etc etc. Stands available from 2x2m upwards.    Prices below include shell scheme walls and standard name sign.  If you require a space only stand (no shell scheme) please let me know when your stand space has been confirmed.  Prices are the same whether you have shell scheme or are space only. 

    New pricing structure and layout for 2020!

    Stand Size               Total Sqm         Set stand cost

    2x2m                          4                            £510 + vat

    3x2m                          6                            £750 + vat

    4x2m                          8                            £1,020 + vat

    6x2m / 4x3m          12                         £1,500 + vat

    3x3m                          9                             £1,100 + vat

    3.5x3m                      10.5                      £1,200 + vat

    8x2m                          16                           £1,950 + vat

    6x3m                          18                           £2,200 + vat

    Any stand bigger than 18sqm in size cost is £129 per sqm + vat.

    Corner Stands ie open on at least 2 sides please add £50 to the set prices listed above.

    Eikon Shopping Village plan available below.

  • Agri Business Pavilion

    Located in centre of showgrounds between the cattle and sheep areas the Agri Business Pavilion is a large marquee which houses approximately 70 agri related stands. 

    Stand sizes available from 3x2m upwards.  Stands come with shell scheme walls and standard name sign.  If no shell scheme is required ie is a space only stand where you are building your own stand, please let me know when your booking has been confirmed.

    Cost is £89.95 per sqm + vat    EG  3x3m = 9sqm x £89.95 = £809.55 + vat

    Agri Pavilion plan available below.

  • NI Food Pavilion

    For stand availability and costs within the Food NI Pavilion please contact Christine or Lindsay.

    Tel 028 90 249 449  

    Email  | 

  • Alcohol Sales

    Due to the Licensing laws in Northern Ireland exhibitors are NOT permitted to sell alcohol at Balmoral Show.  

    Exhibitors may sample only. This is monitored strictly during the Show and anyone found to be breaking the law will be asked to remove their stand from the Show.

    Please note that even if you have an ‘Off Sales” License this is for your own premises and does not apply at any other location.


  • Outdoor Stands

    All outdoor stands are space only on hard standing.  There are no trade spaces on grass available.

    Any outdoor stand space up to a maximum of 100sqm eg 10m x 10m or less the cost is £1,365 + vat

    Stand space larger than 100sqm + in size the cost is £13.65 per sqm + vat.    EG 15x10m = 150sqm x £13.65 = £2,047.50 + vat


  • Agri / Plant Machinery Stands

    Any stand smaller than 100sqm Eg 10x10m or less cost is £1,365 + vat.

    Any stand larger than 100sqm Eg 10x10m + in size exhibiting Agri Machinery/Equipment cost is £12.25 per sqm + vat

    Any stand larger than 250sqm in size exhibiting plant/construction machinery cost is £12.00 per sqm + vat

    EG 20x15m = 300sqm x £12 = £3,600 + vat.

    Stand spaces available in various sizes as per application form.

Warning to all trade stand exhibitors - if you receive any correspondence claiming to give you a free listing for the Show (eg. International Fairs Directory or anything else like this) please ignore. This is not from the Balmoral Show organisers

Trade Exhibitor Information