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Under 10's Championship

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The Under 10’s 128-85cm Championship will take place on Saturday 25th September.

It is restricted to those who have pre-qualified. Qualifier dates are listed below.

For further details contact

Vickie White



Phone: 02890 686185 | 07585 505326


There will be 5 qualifiers. 5 pony/athlete combinations will qualify at each qualifier.

All ponies to have a minimum of 69 points by 31st May 2021.

Athletes may qualify two ponies for the final.

Qualifiers and final will be run under SJI rules Article 238.2.2.


Parking and Stabling (if required) is not included in entry fee

All animals will be subject to ‘arrival’ inspections, where animals will need to be unloaded to facilitate passport/microchip checks. Please allow sufficient time for this to take place.


For arrival information, declarations, veterinary controls etc. please see Show Jumping Schedule.

Under 10 Championship Information


For any information regarding the qualifiers above, contact the venue. Further details can be found in the Show Jumping Schedule above or see Show Jumping Ireland.