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All stand must have valid insurance, including public liability insurance. Please give details below of your insurance policy


Acceptance of this application by the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (the Society) will create a legally binding contract on and subject to the Society’s conditions of booking and regulations referred to therein. Copies of the terms & conditions of booking can be found on the show website ( The organisers reserve the right to require the exhibitor to remove its stand immediately and without any refund if the organisers have reason to believe that the exhibitor is in breach of any laws or regulations enforceable by the local authorities trading standards department. Successful applicants will be notified by the society by email/telephone/post. If approved, applicants will receive details of their stand location in due course. Completion of this form is not a guarantee of successful entry. I/We hereby apply for the exhibition stand space and agree to pay the amounts invoiced by the date(s) specified. Any notice of cancellation must be forwarded to the Society in accordance with the cancellation policy. Please refer to the terms and conditions of booking to clarify this procedure.