Sustainability Success at the Show

6th Jul 2023

In preparation for this year’s Balmoral Show, the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society committed to implement a range of sustainability initiatives in collaboration with RiverRidge, Northern Ireland’s leading waste management company.

Detailed post-event analysis by RiverRidge highlighted an impressive 30% reduction in waste volumes across the Show’s four days. The amount of waste collected in 2023 equated to 54.09 tonnes compared to 78.06 tonnes in 2022, with 100% of the waste collected being diverted from landfill and either recycled or recovered.

This achievement was a collaborative effort as the initiatives used across the showgrounds were embraced by visitors, food vendors and trade exhibitors. In recent years, the Show organisers incorporated water drinking stations and segregated waste bins for visitors and exhibitors across the site. In the Northern Ireland Food Pavilion and throughout the showgrounds, food vendors also introduced compostable packaging, reducing the event’s overall single-use plastic waste.


Operations Director at Balmoral Show, Rhonda Geary, commented, “We are delighted to see tangible results from RiverRidge of our sustainability efforts during this year’s Balmoral Show, which was a huge success. We are grateful to RiverRidge for the wide range of waste management services that they provide, which is always of the highest standard year on year. We would also like to thank our food vendors and trade exhibitors for their support and commitment to helping us reduce waste and improve the Show’s sustainability.”

Pamela Jordan, Senior Commercial Manager at RiverRidge said, “The success of the initiatives that the Balmoral Show organisers have implemented this year are evident. The RUAS is leading the way with its sustainability efforts, and we hope to see further large events placing a similar focus on the reduction of waste moving forward. Well done to all involved.”

In 2023 RiverRidge became a new sponsor of the Balmoral Show, and this year marked its seventh consecutive year as the Show’s waste management company.