Celebrating 90 years of the WI at Balmoral

29th Mar 2022

This year the Federation of the Women’s Institutes of Northern Ireland will be celebrating their 90th anniversary during this year’s Balmoral Show taking place from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th May 2022 at Balmoral Park, Lisburn.

Being absent from the Show in 2021, the Women’s Institute (WI) is making a welcome return to Balmoral Park and this year, they will move to a new location within Annex Shopping. As always, the WI will showcase their ever-popular art, craft and garden displays along with bakes and treats within the Tea Room itself.

Margaret Broome, WI Chairman commented “The Women’s Institute in Northern Ireland is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year but has, like the rest of the world, suffered badly from the effects of COVID-19 this past two years.

“We have seen a dramatic drop in membership, loss of premises and closure of some local branches. The W.I. was set up to help rural women and that is still its main aim today, so I would like to encourage women of all ages to join their local branches. Gone is the old ‘Jam and Jerusalem image’ as we bring the W.I. into the 21st century.

She continued “We offer something for everyone. If you love cooking, gardening, flower arranging, baking, crafting - there is something for you and if, like me, you do not there is still plenty to interest you. I have been a member for 44 years and have no talents in any of those pursuits but have loved every minute of my time as a W.I. member. Contact W.I. H.Q. to find you nearest branch or speak to anyone in the W.I. and you will be given a very warm welcome.

“I would like to thank the RUAS for their help and support over the years. Balmoral has always been our showcase event (who doesn’t love a W.I. tea?) and we have been very well catered for. It has also provided us with the income to continue with our work and we are very grateful.”

The Balmoral Show in partnership with Ulster Bank will return to Balmoral Park from Wednesday 11th May to Saturday 14th May 2022. All tickets for the Show must be purchased online by clicking here