Horticulture set to shine at Balmoral

14th Sep 2021

The Horticulture Forum is looking forward to the Balmoral Show taking place next week from 22 – 25 September at the Eikon Exhibition Centre. The event is an excellent platform for the Northern Ireland (NI) Horticulture Forum to showcase the entire sector to the public, education, hospitality, and government sectors.

Horticulture’s impact on local, UK and European Union (EU) agricultural policies and initiatives is hugely significant and at the show, the focus will be on the promotion of NI’s sustainable, food production and high-quality produce, after what has been a very challenging 18 months for the entire sector.

Denise Kelso chair of the Royal Ulster Agriculture Society (RUAS) horticulture committee said, “Our healthy horticulture area within the show is a gateway to embrace and embody the spirit of the NI horticulture industry. All our exhibitors have planned and created a spectacular array of the best local products and services that perfectly capture our dynamic and changing horticulture industry.”

Member of the RUAS horticulture committee and vegetable grower from Co. Down, Adrian McGowan said, “We are all set to launch a bold new contemporary design and image for local vegetables. This is the culmination of many months of work embracing the power of cooperation and the professionalism and knowledge of four local producers within our vegetable industry. Our growers will be on the ground every day at the show, and we are really looking forward to sharing our vision and plans to help reinvigorate our local vegetable industry.”

Hamilton Loney, chair of the NI Horticulture Forum said, “You’ll find our marquee in the same location within the Healthy Horticulture zone. This year we have a much larger open marquee, and we are delighted to be joined by KNIB and Rural Support – social Farming representatives. Horticulture delivers something positive for us all as it is good for our physical Health, good for mental health and wellbeing and good for the planet.”