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The Bluegrass Horse Feeds Schools Team Show Jumping Open Championship will again be taking place on Saturday 14th May 2022 in the Main Arena at Balmoral Show.

For this year the competition will involve 5 pre-qualified school teams from the Ulster Region (includes Cavan, Monaghan & Donegal) and the top 5 school teams from the Equestrian Inter-schools Ireland League.

For full championship details, please see Rules, Regulations and General Information below

Class                  Max height of fences
Open Team        1m

At the Championship the Main Arena will be divided into two rings. Athletes will jump 1st round and then go to 2nd ring for the 2nd round immediately after.


2022 Results


Championship Entries for Qualified Teams

For any information regarding the qualifiers above, contact the venue. After each qualifier, the successful school must confirm their attendance at Balmoral Show by entering online. The entry fee must be paid online at this time and within 14 days of qualifying to secure the school’s place in the Championship. The Final Entry Form with definite entries (team participants – athletes/animals) with intended running orders, must be received by Friday 15 April 2022.